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We believe we can all make a difference. Our way
Small scale production. Ethical manufacturers. Transparent pricing.

Small scale production

We have an artisan approach and care about who, how and where our products are made. From source to store, we have 100% transparency in our production process.

Ethical manufacturers

We seek the most ethical factories, focus on their expertise, and foster deep personal relationships with our makers from around the world - from factory to home.

Transparent pricing

We go direct to source, provide the true costs of our products - from labor to transportation - then offer them to you, no hidden costs.

Your partners from design to delivery

Share or create your designs
Guidance on construction, and costs
Gain visibility in who, how and where your products are made
Convenient logistics support

Handmade goods for your brand



More coming soon

More coming soon

Consult to customize a design

Are you a member of the trade?

We partner with the A&D industry for bespoke, ethical and sustainable handmade rugs.
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